Basic information is an event, where you can buy some equipment or Christmas presents and also listen to many interesting thematic lectures. And first of all, you can personally get acquainted with shape of classes of individual fencing or other martial arts lecturers and then personally arrange further collaboration.




We offer possibility of your own advertisement via pasting your bid on notice board. Let the world know!


Furthermore we offer to those, who have useless equipment at home, but not enough to cover entire table, an opportunity to display items on tables prepared for this purpose. Our attendants will take care of your items after fulfilling short information card.


4.11. 2017 since 9:00 until 21:00.

Trade fair 9:00 - 14:00.
Lectures since 10:00.

Seminars since 9:00.



Prague 4 - Háje; building of Modrá škola (Blue School).

Address: Kupeckého 576, Prague 4.


End station of subway C - Háje, 100 metres from there. Path is marked with red arrow in map below. Path will be also marked in place.





Entrance fee: 5 E.

Price includes entrance to trade fair, all lectures, possibility to listen all the seminars without active taking part in it and possibility of advertisement via notice board.

Active participation on seminars will be reimbursed individually - 6 E. It is also possible to buy All inclusive ticket, which allows you to actively take part in all seminars (it is necessary to register in advance, which seminars you want to take part in). It includes entrance fee to the event of course. Price of this ticket is 38 E. Registration to seminar is here.


Videos from past events here.



Accomodation can be arranged. If interested, please contact us via email , and we can settle the details (number of people, nights, price etc.)


Notifications and rules

Please observe rules quoted below for safety and satisfaction of all participating.

In case of any troubles, please contact any organizer - they will be marked by tags and you will find in marked places (by snack bar, entrance to seminars, in lecture room, by entrance to building). Please contact them even in case of noticing that the rules are violated by someone else.

Please get to know with rules in advance. You agree with observing these rules by buying the ticket. In case of its violation, we can expel you from the event without possibility to claim to refund the entrance or other fees. We also point out that organizer do not take responsibility for any damages to property or injuries, particularly if it is caused by violation of these rules and safety rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

  • Follow instructions of organizers, who are marked with tags.
  • Observe fire and safety regulations. Presence of visitors younger than 15 years old is allowed only in escort of responsible person (parent, sibling 18 years old or older etc.) or with written parent agreement. Participating in seminars is allowed only to visitors older than 18 years and only at their own risk, what will be needed to confirm on signature sheet before attending in seminar. It is forbidden to leave your luggage unattended - as a protection against theft and to keep paths clear for case of fire evacuation. Organizers do not assume responsibility for possible thefts. It is forbidden to smoke, set fire or use any electric or gas heat generating devices.
  • Entrance to trade show is forbidden to all pets without exception.
  • Do not disturb seminars and lectures.
  • Clean up all rubbish, you may make, keep tidiness.
  • Carry your entrance ticket in visible place (bracelet in this case). If you will not have ticket or bracelet, you will be expelled from trade show.
  • Respect the law of Czech Republic, other law rules and regulations of City authority. Any drugs are illegal, consummation of alcohol is allowed only to people older than 18 years (it is necessary to prove your age, if asked, when buying alcohol).
  • Pasting your own advertising materials only in marked places.


Thank you for conforming these rules.