Lectures 2016

Jan Žižka of Trocnov and Kalich (the sign of the Chalice) as reflected in cinematography – Františka Vrbenská


Textile industry in medieval Europe


Glass not only in the iron age, and the making of jewelry replicas – Jan Kapustka


Early modern military camps and their security – Klára Andresová


Book as a tool of coruption in the time of Václav IV. – Antonín Kadlec


BUDYŇSKÁ KORUNA, competition – exhibition of scenic and historical fencing groups


Games and toys from prehistory to early modern ages - Ludibrium


Medieval czech executioner´s clothing – Ivana Bláhová


Valkyries and warrior women in the old North – Jan Kozák


Bartitsu- self-defence of Sherlock Holmes and the suffragette movement - fiction and the fantastic reality - Robert Waschka


Ranged weapons, throwing weapons, firearms  - Petr Indy Pavelka


Building a settlement – what to do, what to avoid – Curia Vitkov


Project and personality of Elizabeth Richeza of Poland – disproving the myths regarding the ruling of weak Czech kings - Hradecký dvůr