We offer a possibility to take part in seminars during the trade show. You can find its list along with lecturers below. It is a unique opportunity to try, who lecturer suits you and to try various seminars with various weapons during the day. It is also an opportunity for historical fencing groups to choose a lecturer, who will suit them and personally arrange cooperation, seminars etc.


There are two types of workshops – Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday preview workshops are 50 minutes long, the Sunday full seminars are 3 hours long.

Number registered is limited, therefore do not hesitate and send your applications as soon as possible. Only remaining free places will be filled in place, if some will be still available. Payment is possible only via non-cash transfer in advance and thus an application becomes binding.

In case, that you would be made to cancel the application, until 20.10.2017 100% price will be refund, for later cancels will be refund only 50% of the price.

It is possible to apply via form below.


Active participation on seminars will be reimbursed individually. Price of each seminar is 160Kč. It is also possible to buy All inclusive ticket, which allows you to actively take part in all seminars (it is necessary to register in advance, which seminars you want to take part in). It includes entrance fee to the event of course. Price of this ticket is 990Kč. Registration to seminar is here.


Take some clothes for physical with you (tracksuits, T-shirt, indoor shoes), alternatively a weapon (There will be some weapons for borrowing, but we recommend to take your own).


Taking part in seminars is possible only at your own risk, what will be needed to confirm on signature sheet before attending in seminar.


We want to point out that only attendants older than 18 years can take active part in seminars!!!


The schedule can be found here.



Price list:

Saturday workshops: 6 E

Saturday all-day ticket: 38 E

3 workshops + entrance fee: 18 E

5 workshops + entrance fee: 25 E


Sunday workshops:

Bartitsu: 18 E


Sunday all-day ticket:

Whole weekend ticket: 


Individual seminars


Hrachový Vít

Jirka Adam

Půlpán Vojtěch

Šulák Jan

Utišil Zdeněk

Waschka Robert


Saturday workshops


(Vít Hrachový)



(Vojtěch Půlpán)


Stagecombat with longsword

(Martin Tureček -Adorea)





Sunday workshops



(Robert Waschka - Dům rytířských ctností)